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hi tide photography

lifestyle  boudoir

Golden, British Columbia




 lifestyle photography sessions document real life milestones, moments and events. they are designed to give you images that are anything but posed. they tell your story just as it is at that precise moment.


reminder: you're a babe. 

there is one of you. JUST ONE. celebrating your divine feminine existence, allowing your inner goddess to shine and be revealed. this session is special, and I promise, you'll wonder why you didn't do one sooner.


this day is the first day of your forever. from your first glance to your first dance, every moment deserves attention. every moment deserves to be saved. that's where I come in xo

"Thank you soooo much for this. Honestly.
This was definitely something I needed in my self love journey and you were the person that was meant to be there for me for that"

Boudoir Goddess, 2022


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